dinsdag 20 mei 2008

Competitions and races

Atlantic Challenge - competitions and races
The Atlantic Challenge competitions and races include the following events:

A cooperative event with mixed crews, sharing knowledge and meeting a challenge together. A variety of skills are tested, including rudderless slalom and man-over-board under sail.

Rowing Race:
Race over a 2 nautical mile straight course.

Sail & Oars:
Twice around a 3 nautical mile triangular course, using sails and oars alternatively.

Jackstay Transfer:
A sack is transferred from a pier to the gig and then rowed to a destination.

Captain's Gig:
Transfer of a "very important person" from the pier to a vessel. This is a style event and is not judged on speed.

Towing Race:
Under sail and oar featuring pairs of boats and emphasising cooperation between two gigs.

Man overboard:
One of the crew will fall overboard, then the others will turn the boat around and as quickly as possible get the passenger back onboard.

This event is based on the water and tests knowledge of compass course, speed, time and distance calculations, plotting, latitude and longitude, dead reckoning and tides.

Rowing Slalom:
Boat handling contest around buoys without the use of a rudder.

Apart from these events, the competitors must show knowledge in tying knots and splices.

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